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Award Title Description Local Section State
Electrical Instrumentation Person of the Year Recognizes significant contributions to the field and an individual’s contribution to CWEA. Yes Yes
Gimmicks & Gadgets Recognizes innovation and creativity in developing solutions to performing routine tasks or functions in maintenance, operations or construction of wastewater collection systems. CASH PRIZES! No Yes
Mechanical Technician of the Year Recognizes outstanding performance, dedication to the job, and for sharing knowledge of maintenance procedures. Yes Yes
Operator of the Year Recognizes outstanding contributions to the operations of wastewater treatment facilities and the application of knowledge to improve plant processes. Yes Yes
William D. Hatfield (WEF Award Nominated by CWEA Operations Committee) The award was established in honor of Dr. William D. Hatfield, Superintendent of the Decatur, Illinois Sanitary District, who was President of the Central States Sewage Works Association in 1944-45 and served as President of the Federation in 1958-59. No Yes