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Award Title Description Local Section State
Collection System Person of the Year Recognizes an individual for their innovation and excellence in collection systems maintenance. Yes Yes
Collection System of the Year Given in recognition of outstanding maintenance programs, regulatory compliance and safety & training procedures.
Awards are given in three categories: Small, Medium and Large.
Yes Yes
Gimmicks & Gadgets Recognizes innovation and creativity in developing solutions to performing routine tasks or functions in maintenance, operations or construction of wastewater collection systems. CASH PRIZES! No Yes
Golden Manhole Honors the inductees and their employers for their combined contributions which promote increased professionalism in the collection systems field. The winners are chosen by the Collection Systems committee. No Yes
Collection System PICK Recognizes volunteer efforts in service to the CWEA Collection Systems Committee with Professionalism, Ingenuity, Contribution and Knowledge. No Yes
Richard D. Pomeroy Presented for the practical application of an original concept that expands known techniques of wastewater collection. The nominee’s service must have been in any of the following areas: management, overall planning, operation and maintenance, facility design, education or training. Publication of a formal report of achievement is not required but is desirable. No Yes

The CWEA Collection Systems Awards are coordinated by the CWEA Collection System Committee Awards Evaluation Team. Contact the Committee chair or committee awards chair for questions about criteria.
The team is comprised of the Awards Subcommittee Chair, Committee Chair, and equal representation from the Northern and Southern regions. State award winner should be willing to serve on the Awards Committee to help judge next year.