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The Collection System PICK award recognizes volunteer efforts in service to the CWEA Collection Systems Committee with Professionalism, Ingenuity, Contribution and Knowledge.


The PICK was first established by a few collection systems people at the San Francisco Bay Section as a tool to recognize sewer workers. It was started as a way to say “thank you, your volunteer efforts are appreciated, respected, and have helped further the CWEA Collection Systems Committee with your committee work (organizing meetings, volunteering at events and other tasks) and time.”

PICK’s also symbolize the chief implement that sewer workers use to pop manholes. PICK stands for Professionalism, Ingenuity, Contribution and Knowledge.

Recognition can go to a CWEA member in any discipline who contributed to the Collection Systems Committee and its work. Others could include vendors, safety professionals, professional development trainers and others. No length of service required, new and veteran volunteers can be recognized.

Recognize the efforts of some of the many CWEA member volunteers that supply a tremendous number of personnel hours to make our organization the most cost-effective mix of volunteer time, effort, and paid professional staff.

Up to twenty (20) inductees may be inducted each year in this Society. The Collection Systems Award Subcommittee will conduct the award review. The awards will be given at the Collection Systems breakfast at Annual Conference.


Nominee must be a CWEA member

You will be asked to list nominee’s State and Local Section Committee responsibilities and contributions which have benefited the Collection System Committee goals (education, certification, professional recognition efforts)


For most CWEA awards, you must apply at your Local Section level first. Direct your questions to the Local Section Awards Chair. If you need additional assistance, check the award’s info page to see the Committee Awards Contact.