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The Research Achievement award recognizes outstanding engineering research by an individual, group, or agency.


1. Submit project narrative which is limited to approximately 10 pages of text and 15 graphics or PowerPoint slides covering the following:

At a minimum address the following subject areas which are used for the evaluation:

  • Project Benefits; Health, Safety, Cost effectiveness, Reliability, Efficiency, or Environmental benefits, etc.
  • Project Technology; New or Novel, Improvement to Existing Technology, or State of the Art, etc.
  • Experimental Design and Results; Challenges, Cost, Applicability of results, etc.-
  • Other; any other unique aspects of the project.

2. Upload completed narrative here.

Questions about award criteria:  Contact Arvind Akela, Engineering & Research Committee Chair, AAkela@svcw.org.

2016 Research Achievement Winner

Research Achievement of the Year: Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, Digester Gas Hydrogen Sulfide Control Using a Full-scale Biotrickling Filter
The Sanitation Districts conducted a full-scale test to determine if a biotrickling filter system could remove hydrogen sulfide from digester gas. Testing was done at the Districts largest facility, the Joint Water Pollution Control Plant in Carson. Based on the results, the Districts is now designing a large scale biotrickling filter to treat 1500 cubic feet per minute of digester gas.  The new filter will reduce the amount of chemicals currently used for H2S control and the savings will pay for the new biotrickling filter in less than two years.
This is the Sanitation Districts fifth time winning CWEA’s Research Achievement of the Year since 2000.