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The Engineering Achievement award recognizes outstanding projects by an individual, group, or agency. 


1. Submit project narrative which is limited to approximately 10 pages of text and 15 graphics or PowerPoint slides.

At a minimum address the following subject areas which are used for the evaluation:

  • Project Benefits; Health, Safety, Cost effectiveness, Reliability, Efficiency, or Environmental benefits, etc.
  • Project Technology; New or Novel, Improvement to Existing Technology, or State of the Art, etc.
  • Design and Construction; Challenges, Different Methods, Cost, Speed of Completion, or Impacts, etc.
  • Other; any other unique aspects of the project.

2. Upload completed narrative here.

Questions about award criteria:  Contact Arvind Akela, Engineering & Research Committee Chair, AAkela@svcw.org.

2016 Engineering Achievement Winners

Engineering Achievement of the Year: City of Hayward’s Cogeneration Facility
The co-generation system is designed to meet new, strict emission requirements imposed by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. The system removes hydrogen sulfide and silloxanes from the biogas prior to use by the plant’s cogeneration and boiler equipment. The innovative technologies protect the system from harmful gas and ensure clean air standards are achieved.
Research Achievement