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Collection System Person of the Year recognizes an individual for their innovation and excellence in collection systems maintenance.

You will be asked to create a narrative based on the following criteria:

  • Nominee must be a CWEA member (CWEA numbers are no longer in use, CWEA will check status of membership)
  • Nominee must hold a current Collection Systems certification by CWEA. 
  • Nominee has direct operations/maintenance responsibilities in a collection system.
  • (Not more than 10% of nominee’s time should be spent performing administrative duties; majority of time must be spent in collection systems function.) 

Nominator input:

  • List nominee’s accomplishments
  • List examples of operational knowledge, performance, education
  • List nominee’s certification level and CWEA involvement

Nominee input:

  • Explain the importance of being a collection system operator?
  • What are your goals in relation to the wastewater field? 
  • Why should you be selected for Collection System Person of the Year?

Download Narrative Instructions

Upload completed narrative here

The CWEA Collection Systems Awards are coordinated by the CWEA Collection System Committee Awards Evaluation Team. Contact Committee chair, Lenny Rather lenny@oroloma.org for questions about criteria.
The team is comprised of the Awards Subcommittee Chair, Committee Chair, and equal representation from the Northern and Southern regions. State award winner should be willing to serve on the Awards Committee to help judge next year. 

2016 Winner:

Collection System Person of the Year: Rick Easton from Leucadia Wastewater District
Rick is a member of Leucadia’s Field Services department where he’s served for three years. He says two of the most important things about being a collection systems operator are protecting our environment and serving the community. 
Rick is involved in all aspects of day-to-day maintenance. His knowledge combined with his efficient and skillful performance of his duties has resulted in the completion of 187 miles of hydro-cleaning, 110 miles of CCTV inspections and 750 easement inspections in 2016.