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The Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention & Stormwater Person of the Year (P3S) Award recognizes P3S professionals for exceptional achievement and contribution to the profession while being an active member of the CWEA.

Nominations are solicited from the local sections and other standing committees of CWEA.  Winners are decided based on their involvement in implementation or enforcement of P3S regulations, their contributions to improving P3S practices, and their commitment to theirs and their peers’ professional development. The nominee’s history with participation in CWEA related events, activities and projects are taken into consideration.

The winners, and often time’s runners-up, are recognized at the Awards Luncheon and the P3S Committee meeting during the CWEA Annual Conference. The nominee must be an active member of the CWEA for a minimum of three years.


1. Submit a narrative which is limited to 10 pages including text and graphics or PowerPoint slides.  

At a minimum, the narrative should address the following subject areas which are used for the evaluation: 

  • Describe nominee’s current job functions and recent past work experience in the area of pollution prevention, pretreatment, and stormwater and their commitment to public health and the water environment.
  • Describe specific projects that the nominee has spearheaded or taken part in in the past three years that improved practices in the P3S field, contributed to the nominee’s and/or their colleagues’ professional development, or benefitted the environment at large through change in industrial practices or public understanding of water environment issues.
  • Describe other professional accomplishments the nominee has acquired related to this award (i.e., publication, presentations, etc.) and any other contributions to CWEA’s mission or leadership and support at the local section level.
  • Describe involvement with the CWEA

2. Upload completed narrative here.

Questions about award criteria:  Contact Shannon Simmers, P3S Committee Chairssimmers@cityofredlands.org

2016 P3S Person Winner

P3S Person of the Year: Stephen Sealy, Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts
Stephen has been an Industrial Waste Inspector with the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts since 1999.  His years of experience and diligent investigatory work serves as a role model, and his positive attitude and patience allows him to effectively communicate with those he’s leading, allowing them in turn to learn and benefit from working with him.