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The Community Engagement & Outreach Program of the Year recognizes significant achievements in promoting awareness and understanding of water quality issues. There are two categories – small and large.


Create a narrative which is limited to approximately 25 pages including text and graphics or PowerPoint slides.

At a minimum address the following subject areas which are used for the evaluation:

  • Describe the project/program objectives and the problem to be addressed.
  • Describe the methods used, budget, materials created, development and implementation team (internal and external of your agency), and timing of the project. Include any constraints or obstacles overcome.
  • Please include examples of materials used as attachments, exempt from the 25 page limit.
  • Quantify results, if possible (number of brochures distributed, number of people in attendance and likely impact on public attitudes and behavior, ability to deliver project on budget and schedule.)
  • Other; any other unique aspects of the project.

You will be asked to indicate project size (Large or Small budget) in the online submittal in step 2.


For most CWEA awards, you must apply at your Local Section level first. Direct your questions to the Local Section Awards Chair. If you need additional assistance, check the award’s info page to see the Committee Awards Contact.