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Take a tour of the CWEA Awards Website.

Watch the application process tutorial.

For most state awards, you must apply at the Local Section level first. Those awards are listed here:

Award Committee Assigned
Collections System Person of the Year Collection System Committee
Collection System of the Year Collection System Committee 
Electrical/Instrumentation Person of the Year Operations and Maintenance
Mechanical Technician of the Year Operations and Maintenance
Operator of the Year Operations and Maintenance
Engineering Achievement of the Year Engineering and Research
Reasearch Achievement of the Year Engineering and Research
Laboratory Person of the Year Laboratory Committee

Community Engagement and Outreach
Person of the Year

Laboratory Committee
Community Engagement and Outreach
Project of the Year
Laboratory Committee
Plant of the Year Leadership Development
Supervisor of the Year Leadership Development
P3S Person of the Year P3S
Safety Plant of the Year Safety
Outstanding Young Professional of the Year Students and Young Professionals

Have a question about the criteria for a specific category? Contact the committee chair for that category. 


Each applicant must be a CWEA member (state and local). If membership is not valid, your application will be declined. You can join or renew online here.

How the awards process works:

The Local Section will judge each application that comes in for any of the above categories and provide scores online. (Online training for judging will be made available.)
The highest score in each section for each category will move on to the State level. There is no need to submit another application at the state level.
Local Sections must use the State application for the above awards. See the awards policy here.

Once all Local Sections have submitted their winners online by the 2nd Friday in January, each committee will assign judges for their category. (Online training for judging will be made available.)

Committee judges will provide scores for each application online by March 1. 

The highest score from each category will be assigned the 1st place winner and move into a section on the site called, The Winners Gallery. These 1st place winners will also receive plaques at the Annual Conference. 

Special Awards:
These awards are state comptetition only, meaning they DO NOT compete at the Local Section level, However, you will still be asked to provide your Local Section name when applying.

Award Committee
Gimmicks and Gadgets Collection System Committee
Golden Manhole Collection System Committee
PICK Collection System Committee
Richard D. Pomeroy Collection System Committee
Crystal Crucible Laboratory Committee
5S Select Society of Sanitary Shovelers
Undergraduate & Graduate Paper Competition Students and Young Professionals
CWEA Quarter Century  NRC/SRC Committee
Local Section Newsletter of the Year Community Engagement and Outreach Committee
WEF Distinguished Honors & Awards WEF Website

Important dates:

  • August 1--Awards forms are posted to the website. Announcement links are sent to Local Section leaders. Please post on your websites and share with your members. 
  • Applications must be received by the Local Section Deadline. Contact your Local Section for deadline information if not listed here. Local Section's award chairs will assign judges to begin the judging process.
  • 2nd Friday of January--Deadline for all Local Sections to have completed judging and submitted winners for the state
  • 2nd Friday of January--Deadline for all state awards that do not go through the Local Section (Collection System Special Awards)
  • 3rd Friday of January--Judges from each committee are assigned to each category 
  • March 1 - All committee judges must have judging complete
  • April 1 - CWEA will forward any State winners in categories corresponding with WEF's award categories to WEF (Laboratory Analyst, Burke, Hatfield)
  • Three weeks prior to Annual Conference, nominees and winners will be notified of their success
  • Friday at the Annual Conference - Most CWEA State awards are given at the Friday luncheon of the Annual Conference

Ordering Plaques:

Plaques for Local Section award winners are available through the CWEA office for use at the Local Section Awards and installation ceremonies. The Local Section plaques are approximately 8" x 10" and will be engraved on a blue marbleized plate over a walnut finish base. The CWEA logo will be silk-screened at the top of the plaque. There is no cost to the Local Section for these plaques.
Order plaques here

Outgoing President Plaque: 
Order your Outgoing President plaque via this form. Outgoing President plaques are $105 and will be billed to the Local Section. The Past President plaque is an 8" x 10" with a walnut finish and a gavel attached to the plaque with the CWEA logo silk-screened on to a brass plate attached to the plaque. 

Additionally purchased plaques can be ordered via the Additionally Purchased Local Section Order Form. These are duplicate plaque orders and/or any special Local Section plaques not part of the CWEA state awards listed above. The cost for additional/duplicate plaques are $75.

Please allow FIVE (5) weeks for all your orders to be processed. Example: if you have a banquet on December 1st, please place your order on or before October 26th. Please email the CWEA office awards@cwea.org if you have any questions.