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Every three years the Community Engagement & Outreach committee hosts a film festival competition. There are three categories: Amateur, Semi-Professional and Professional. The films are based on information and issues relating to the field of wastewater treatment.

Check out the online film festival gallery on our YouTube Channel.



A first and second place award will be given in both categories under each classification. Judging will be done by members of the CWEA Community Engagement and Outreach Committee and/or by a committee appointed by the CWEA Board. Award winners will be featured and awards will be presented at the Annual Conference.


CATEGORIES: Films should be based on information and issues relating to the field of wastewater in California, including but not limited to operations, source control, safety and laboratory. There are two award categories:

1.    PUBLIC EDUCATION: films produced to inform the public or change public behaviors or attitudes

2.    TRAINING: films produced to train in-house personnel 

CLASSIFICATION: All submittals will be grouped for review according to one of three classifications based on the film producer’s level of expertise:

AMATEUR: The film producer must be one of the following:

  • a high school or college student who did not use professional support
  • an individual who did not produce the film as part of his/her profession, and was not paid for the production, or
  • an employee who produced the film in-house, who is not a professional and did not use professional support.

SEMIPROFESSIONAL: The film producer must be one of the following:

  • a communications student using a professional’s talent or equipment
  • an individual or employee who isn’t a professional but is using professional support, or
  • a public information officer with film production experience

PROFESSIONAL: The film producer completed a paid production created primarily by people who work in the media production industry, the producer’s primary occupation.

The next film festival will take place in 2023.