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1. Log in using your MyCWEA account credentials. You may be asked to Continue into Applicant Portal or if you are a judge for your section or committee to Continue into Judge Portal.

2. Click Apply in the login portal to start a new application. If you have already started an application, you can access your applications by selecting the "In Progress" link.

3. If you have open applications in your account, you will be asked one more time if you are sure you want to start a new application or if you want to complete one that has already been started. To continue with a new application, select Click Here to Begin a New Submission.

4. The first page is pre-filled with your name as the nominator. Click Save and Next.

5. Enter the nominee info and select the category you would like to apply to in the system drop down menu and read any instructions on that category page. 

6. Select the Local Section the nominee/agency is a member of and click Save and Next.

7. Begin filling in the details to complete the application

8. Click Save and Finalize to submit your award. REMINDER: If you only click Save, the award WILL NOT be submitted. By clicking Save, you will be able to access your application any time and can go back into the application to finalize. "Save and Finalize" must be clicked in order for your application to be received.


July 1 – Awards program goes live.

December 9 – Final local section winners are due to CWEA. Local Sections will need to decide on the winners of their awards by this date.

December 19 – Collection System Maintenance Plant of the Year and Safety Plant of the Year Part Two applications due to state.

December 23 – All section winners are sent to committees for state review.
(Including non Local Section applications like Crystal Crucible; PICK; Gimmicks & Gadgets; Pomeroy; Golden Manhole)

February 17 – Quarter Century and 5S (Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers) applications due

February 17 – All state winners (from committees) due to CWEA.

March 3 – CWEA Membership and External Relations Committee (MER) approves winners; winners are notified; plaques are ordered; AC materials finalized. Nominees will be notified via email by the MER chair and invited to attend the Annual Conference at the early bird rate.

March 1 – Photo Contest applications due

April 22-25– Plaques are distributed at the Annual Conference

Ordering a plaque for your section?
If you are a Local Section ordering plaques, proceed like you are making a nomination and select the "Plaque Order" from the drop down menu on the entry form.