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1. Find the category you would like to apply to and read any instructions on that category page. 

2. Log in using your MyCWEA account credentials and click Apply in the login portal. If you have already started an application, you can access your applications here and complete or delete them. Finalized applications can not be deleted. 

3. Begin filling in the details, selecting the categories from the drop down menu and fill in the fields.

4. Click Save and Finalize to submit you award. If you only click Save, the award will not be submitted. By clicking Save, you will be able to access your application any time and can go back into the application to finalize. "Save and Finalize" must be clicked in order for your application to be received.



  • August 15--Awards forms are posted to the website. Announcement links are sent to Local Section leaders. Please post on your websites and share with your members!
  • August-December--Applications must be received by the Local Section Deadline. Contact your Local Section for deadline information if not listed here. Local Section award chairs will assign judges to begin the judging process.
  • 2nd Friday of January--Deadline for ALL Local Sections to have completed judging and submitted winners for the state.
  • 2nd Friday of January--Deadline for ALL state awards that do not go through the Local Section (i.e. Collection System Special Awards like PICK and Golden Manhole).
  • 3rd Friday of January--Judges from each committee are assigned to each category. 
  • March 1--All committee judges must have judging complete
  • April 1--CWEA will forward any State winners in categories corresponding with WEF's award categories to WEF (Laboratory Analyst, Burke, Hatfield, Bedell).
  • Three weeks prior to Annual Conference--Nominees and winners will be notified of their success via email.
  • Friday at the Annual Conference--Most CWEA State first place awards are given at the Friday luncheon of the Annual Conference. All winners are also recognized at the committee breakfast/lunch scheduled during Annual Conference week.