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Golden Manhole
CWEA’s Golden Manhole award honors the inductees and their employers for their combined contributions which promote increased professionalism in the collection systems field. The winners are chosen by the Collection Systems committee.


1. Download the Golden Manhole form to complete.

2. Upload completed application here.

The CWEA Collection Systems Awards are coordinated by the CWEA Collection System Committee Awards Evaluation Team. Contact Committee chair, Lenny Rather lenny@oroloma.org for questions about criteria.
The team is comprised of the Awards Subcommittee Chair, Committee Chair, and equal representation from the Northern and Southern regions. State award winner should be willing to serve on the Awards Committee to help judge next year. 

2016 Golden Manhole Winners

Gordon Times – West County Wastewater District

Dennis Lambert – Rodeo Sanitary District

Cleveland Porter – City of Antioch

William Cassidy – Orange County Sanitation District