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5S recognizes individuals active in protecting the water environment through participation in Local, State, and/or Federal sponsored activities.  Nominations are being accepted through March 30, 2018.  Please consider nominating your peers who have or are contributing to the advancement of the wastewater profession.  This is not a self-nominating award.  Your peers count on you to recognize their achievements and nominate them.


1. Download the 5S Application form to complete OR fill out the application online here.

2. Upload completed application here.

2016 Winners

Daniel Mills, SCVS

Larry Olivan, SFBS

Victoria Thornton, CWEA

Victoria Francis, SARBS

Kody Tompkins, DAMS

Steve Sealy, LABS

Christopher Brown, SFBS

Kimberly Booth, DAMS

Steve Schindler, DAMS