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The Community Engagement & Outreach Local Section Newsletter recognizes CWEA Local Section achievements in developing member newsletters.


Submit a narrative which is limited to approximately 25 pages including text and graphics or PowerPoint slides.
At a minimum address the following subject areas which are used for the evaluation:

  • Describe your section’s newsletter including how it is distributed (hardcopy, e-mail, website, etc.), how often the newsletter is produced/distributed, and standard/consistent newsletter categories (President’s message, calendar/upcoming events, sponsor pages, etc.)
  • Describe how content is determined and developed, and who contributes to writing for the newsletter and producing and distributing the newsletter.
  • Describe some article topics in the past year relative to CWEA’s mission, CWEA’s standing committees, or your local section.
  • Please include examples of 2 newsletters produced in the past year as attachments, exempt from the 25 page limit.

Submit narrative online here.

Questions about awards criteria:
Contact Dianne Lee at dlee@westyost.com Community Engagement & Outreach liaison.